What Is A Boss Lady?

A boss lady is a courageous, free-thinking, spirited woman with a plan for becoming financially independent on her terms.

What does a boss lady look like?

A boss lady looks like a person who enjoys a challenge, who loves to learn, and who doesn’t give up. Does she look like you? Maybe. What do you look like on the inside?

How to tell if you’re ready to be a boss lady.

  • Do you feel stuck in your job and would love to break free?
  • Or do you have a mind full of ideas you’d like to try and wonder which one of them will work?
  • A biggie is: you want to make your own decisions about your own life.
  • Have a bunch of coincidental things recently happened in your life that seem to be herding you in a specific direction?
  • And do you feel more excited than queasy about trying something new?

Courage, enthusiasm, sense of adventure, love of learning – if you have these attributes, you’re going to love being a boss lady.

—Barbara Casey

Do boss ladies own their own business or run someone else’s company?

Boss ladies build their own businesses for their own financial independence. They have graduated from the tick-tock world of corporate structures and rules. As women entrepreneurs, boss ladies work hard building something for themselves and their families… not for some other entity’s shareholders.

How does a boss lady get started?

Many start with a side hustle while they are still working for someone else. When the side business is able to support a boss lady’s lifestyle, she goes all in and quits her day job. Some boss ladies turn a hobby into a business or take their job skills and refine them into a niche business that serves a specific population.

Do I have to call myself a boss lady?

No. How about chief executive officer instead? That’s CEO for short. How about proprietor… or owner. Some boss ladies like to be called “boss babe” or “girl boss” but it depends on what feels right to you. When you own your own business, your title reflects how you see yourself. For casual usage, “boss lady” is fun and almost tells a story about you (see paragraph 1). Does “chief executive officer” give the same effect? Your mindset will determine your self-defined title.

If I work from a home office, can I still be a boss lady?

Sure, if you own your own business. Boss ladies have all taken that step to launch a business and are somewhere between startup and selling/passing the reins on to a buyer or an employee.

What if I can’t make it work?

Then you work on mindset and expanding skill levels. Or find a coach who can help you figure out what you’re good at that you can build a successful business on. If you have the desire and the courage to take the leap, the rest is just learning how to run the business. There’s a lot to learn, but boss ladies love learning new things, yes?

Courage, enthusiasm, sense of adventure, love of learning – if you have these attributes, you’re going to love being a boss lady.

My Boss Lady Story

I started on Zazzle (an online print on demand company) in 2009, but didn’t get serious until I came across Elke Clarke’s “Beginner Program” for growing my Zazzle income in 2016. Since then Elke has updated and upgraded her courses and now has a step-by-step format that takes you from your initial store set-up to achieving a 5-figure monthly income… online.

The flagship program is the Profit By Design Academy and the link takes you to a page that explains the program in detail. I’ve taken the course and it’s made a huge difference in my Zazzle business.

For a lot of free Zazzle training and a chance to chat with and learn from other students, as well as teachers Elke and Jen Clarke – be sure to check out the Creative and Ambitious Entrepreneur Facebook Group. It’s an easy way to research whether this type of business is for you.

Here on BossLady Rules, we’ll be exploring all kinds of business ideas for women entrepreneurs, but I wanted to mention this one because I know it, I trust it, and I have seen proof that it works.