Right Brain, Left Brain – Intuit and Do It

It is all very well to see visions that show you a way of life that is more creative and flowing than logical and rigid. Using the imagination is fun, free-flowing and eye-opening, too. But if you wish to materialize what your visions are showing you, more is required than passive dreaming.

Some people love seeing the visions but dig in their heels when it comes to implementing them in a practical sense. Others never have a vision at all; they are always following a logical path, step-by-step, with not much room for imaginative input.

If your visions are powerful enough to make them worthwhile pursuing, you’ll find it easier to step out of your right brain creation zone into the more practical left brain activity of producing results.

Until you are able to manifest directly from your thoughts, an “intuit and do it” approach will serve you well. As you receive your flashes of intuition, take the next step and envision how you will create on the physical plane what you saw in your mind’s eye. Stay in your intuitive, creative zone while you do this. Ideas will flow more freely. Take quick notes, if you can, to remind you of the blueprint you will follow when you start your production stage. Can you see the action steps to take next?

You won’t mind sliding into practical mode if your visions have hit a home run into your heart.