Thanksgiving Prayer for Entrepreneurs

Gratitude Raises Vibration

Heartfelt gratitude is considered a “portal to higher consciousness” and it is in this context that we use the term “awareness” in our Thanksgiving Prayer for Entrepreneurs.

So Thanksgiving is an ideal time for boss ladies to express our gratitude and to motivate ourselves for greater success in the coming new year.

This uplifting prayer contains four verses, beginning with: “Let us give thanks for better news about the economy… Let us give thanks that as we raise our awareness the state of the economy becomes immaterial” and closing with “Let us give thanks for the holiday spirit that lifts us above our cares… And let us give thanks that as we raise our awareness we can feel lifted up in spirit any time we choose.”

The prayer on our poster is set on a white background framed in the corners by green and rust-colored autumn leaves. The link above will take you to our Thanksgiving Prayer poster page on the BossLady Rules Zazzle shop, if you’d like to look at it more closely.

The prayer is © Barbara Casey.